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Team Lemcke is customizing a set of uniforms that are perfect for your team. There is no quick online form that you just fill out. To get you the perfect uniform, we believe in making sure you are getting exactly what you want, so our order process is broken down into 5 steps:

  1. Submit Order Form - After you have decided on the style of uniform you want, click HERE to download the order form. You can either fill out the form electronically or email it back to us ( or you can print it out and fax it back to us (866-266-8733).
  2. Speak with Team Lemcke - After Team Lemcke receives your order form, a representative wil l contact you to go over all the details of the order. This is to make sure that all information is correct so that a proof can be designed. Arrangements will be made to have any artwork sent to Team Lemcke that will be included (logos, etc.) You will be given a final price for your order at this time (sales tax will be added for VA orders only.)
  3. Approve Uniform Proof - A proof will be mailed and/or sent to you for your approval. If everything is correct, you sign the proof and fax it back to us (866-266-8733). This will also include all numbers and corresponding sizes for each uniform as well as the shipping address.
  4. Submit Payment - Upon sending the proof back, payment needs to be made (both credit card and check are acceptable methods). The order will not be started utnil payment has been received. Credit card payments can be made over the phone (434-466-7116). Checks should be sent to the below address:

    Team Lemcke Sports LLC
    977 Seminole Trail #358
    Charlottesville, VA 22901
  5. Receive Uniforms - Allow 5-7 weeks from the day the payment is submitted until you receive your uniforms. Feel free to check on the status anytime by emailing Team Lemcke. Upon receiving them, please check to confirm all items are correct. Enjoy your new uniforms and please pass on the Team Lemcke name if you feel you had a positive experience with us.