Back in 2004, Cade Lemcke was looking for a good uniform to outfit his new AAU team in central Virginia. Having played a high level of basketball in high school (McQuaid Jesuit in Rochester, NY), AAU (Donyell Marshall Foundation in Syracuse, NY), prep school (Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, VA) and college (University of Virginia in the ACC) he knew what a good uniform should look and feel like. Unfortunately, he did not have the same budget that his former teams had. Equipped with a much smaller budget, there was nothing suitable for his players. "Everything that was in our budget had a cheap feel, stock color options, uncomfortable sizing methods and poor quality screen printing," he said.

Instead of having his players suffer through a season wearing off-the-shelf stock uniforms, Cade started a new brand...Team Lemcke Sports. Using similar materials and craftsmenship as Nike, Reebok and Adidas, Team Lemcke Sports stays affordable by cutting out the middleman and allowing customers to order direct from the factory. "The big brands are forced to charge high prices because they need to pay for their huge advertising budgets as well as the local dealers who sell their products," Lemcke says, "we can offer the same material and more customization while making it something teams can afford."

Five years later, Team Lemcke Sports is one of the biggest uniform providers in the country, but the TL name continues to mean quality and customization at an affordable price. "We pride ourselves in providing the customization and specialization you need to have you feel that you have the perfect uniform for your team. That's our goal with every team we work with."

Whatever your uniform needs are, Team Lemcke Sports is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have a product that works for your situation.